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why choose us?

Fully qualified, experienced staff

All of our projects are handled personally by our founder Chris Pribyl, a highly experienced chartered structural engineer who has worked on projects up to £100m in value in most sectors, but predominantly smaller scale new builds and domestic refubishments. He has been personally responsible for the successful delivery of over 1000 projects to date. We would strongly recommend that you employ a chartered engineer for your project, after all would you get on an aeroplane if you knew the pilot wasn't qualified, but had managed to land safely after a few previous flights...?!

Fully insured

We carry full professional indemnity insurance to a maximum of £1m. Always check the level of PI carried by your professional team - As if the worst were to happen, the costs for remedial works or re-builds due to serious design or construction defects could significantly exceed the cost of the construction works themselves, with associated professional and legal fees

Quality drawings and design calculations

We pride ourselves on the quality of our design and drawings, and will provide all technical information required by the Contractor to carry-out the works. All too often we see poor quality drawings, lacking important details such as steel connections and party-wall details, which gives rise to the risk of additional costs for works your Contractor has not included for, or potential construction delays due to Building Regulations queries or Party-wall issues

Value-engineered design & 'optioneering'

There are many different ways to skin a rabbit, and each project has its own unique brief in terms of the client's aspirations and expectations, their budget, and the architectural design intent. We will always discuss any options available to you for the proposed new structure, and how they could impact on construction costs. We are often able to offer suggestions of how the works could be simplified without compromising on the layouts to enable you to obtain the best possible result in the most cost-effective way


Friendly approach, and plain speaking

We strive to provide a professional, but informal and friendly approach to everything that we do. Unless you are a seasoned developer or contractor, it can be a daunting prospect when you are about to invest a significant amount of money and commence major construction works on what is probably your most valuable possession. We will endeavor to assist you throughout the process and provide you with the confidence and reassurance you require to try to ensure that you come out the other side of all of the dust and disruption with a fantastic end result that exceeds your expectations

Efficient service with agreed timescales

We aim to turn-around our projects as quickly and as efficently as possible, whilst allowing sufficient time to properly service the project, and provide quality, well thought-through designs and drawings. We will always provide you with anticipated timescales at the outset, and keep you updated of progress


Fixed lump-sum fees, with no hidden extras or exclusions

We provide fixed lump-sum fee quotations, and are happy to tailor our scope of services to suit individual project requirements and budgets. To keep initial costs as low as possible, and avoid Clients paying for additional services that they do not require, we will agree our scope of works in advance and provide fully transparent additional fees/rates for any extra services should they be required  

No up-front fees

Beware of consultants that ask for fees to be paid up front, and the 'design-and-dump'. It is sadly all too common that we are called in to assist with projects where Clients have already paid for their structural drawings and calculations, often from 'consultants' offering below market-rate fees, only to receive poor quality often heavily over-engineered schemes, unsympathetic to the proposed layouts or architectural/client's requirements. Often the savings we are able to make with structural materials and construction costs alone will far exceed our own costs to redesign it, and invariably with a more satisfactory end product for the Client

Ongoing support and liaison with your Contractor & Architect

We firmly believe that our role does not finish when we issue our drawings and calculations for Building Regulations approval. We are always on the end of the phone or email to deal with any reasonable queries or requests for information by your Contractor, and should any unforeseen issues, additional site visits, or late changes to our design be required, we will always try and react as quickly as possible to avoid any delays to the construction works.

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